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De lekkerste speciaalbieren van brouwerijen uit Amsterdam. Jij bestelt ze hier. Wij bezorgen ze thuis. Vul zelf een box of kies onze Lekker, Lente! Box.

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Lekker, Lente! Box


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Steam Beer



€ 2,59
ABV 5%
IBU 30
Inhoud 33cl

Steam Beer

The Dodo is no longer extinct! With the refreshing character of a lager and the smooth body of an ale, we’ve resurrected this California Common.

Resurrected from extinction: The Dodo does not refer to the bird, but to our 5% ABV Steam Beer. This style is commonly referred to as a California Common, which perfectly suits the laid back, island vibe at the local eatery Coffee & Coconuts

Coffee & Coconuts (C&T) is a café-restaurant-bar in the former ‘Ceintuurtheater’ in Amsterdam. It’s a happening spot to enjoy the most delicious coffees and home-made food from early morning till late each evening. Given the opportunity to collaborate with C&T, we dove in without hesitation. Why? Like us, they only work with top quality ingredients and products.

Compared to Mama, we tailored this brew to be a little less bitter and contain fewer hops. This led us to create the refreshing character of a lager with a smooth body of an ale, also known as a California Common.

We’ve resurrected the Dodo at C&T because the venue evokes images of spare time, relaxation and getting back to nature. For us, C&T is a sort of natural habitat hidden in the bustling urban jungle. It’s a place where you can rediscover yourself by imbibing novel, tasty products. The logo combines a feather, a surfboard and a tribal tattoo in one striking image that evokes the feel of this Amsterdam venue. Here, the Dodo is no longer extinct!

Oedipus Brewing

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85
1021 KP Amsterdam

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In onze 'Lekker, Lente! Box' vind je deze 12 verrukkelijke voorjaars biertjes:


Lekker, Lente! Box

Het is weer zover. De zon heeft zin om te schijnen. De winter heeft zin om te wijken. De krokussen hebben zin om hun kopjes te laten zien. De vogels hebben zin om te fluiten. De bomen hebben zin om met hun bloesem te pronken. De lammetjes hebben zin om te dartelen in de wei. 

En wij? Wij hebben ook zin. In bier!! 

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