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White Ale

ABV 5%
IBU 12
Volume 33cl


Barentsz, bears & beer
When willem barentsz attempted to navigate the northeast passage, his crew fought twin terrors: polar bears and frozen beer. our white ale, with its refreshing fruity notes, is a tribute to the restless and rugged spirit that kept barentsz going.

White ale is a beer style typical to the lowlands. we give ours an appealing twist by spiking it with both refreshing citrus and fragrant fruit.

brewed with:

Curaçao orange
the flesh of this bitter orange is completely inedible but the peel contains wonderful aromatics. it adds a mild citrus flavour and is the ingredient in our crisp white ale.

brewing with the fragrant blossom of the elder plant gives our white ale its summer character and floral, sweet & fruity flavour.

stemming from the greek ‘chamai melon’ meaning ‘ground apple’. chamomile adds a crisp apple flavour and light floral character to our white ale.

Lowlander Beer

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Zin in Zomer! Box  (sold out!)

Zin In Zomer Box

The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer and the skirts are getting shorter. Clear signs that summer is around the corner! And where else do you notice that more than in Amsterdam? More people in the streets, more boats in the canals. And on the terraces? People are enjoying Amsterdam's finest craft beers.

But also at home of course! On the balcony, on the couch watching TV, or with a good BBQ.

At Boxxxed we are celebrating this early summer with a delicious beer box that fits this time of the year perfectly. Order it now. Treat yourself, or someone else (hint: June 17 is Father's Day!) with the tastiest beers of the season.

In short, you really do't want to miss out on this 'Zin in Zomer!' Box. Btw ... did you know we offer free shipping from 2 beer boxes?

Cheers! ;-)